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Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is a radical shift towards a consumption-based business model and enables the enterprises towards exponential potential of their businesses. It is fundamentally changing the IT ecosystem with Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Application as a Service (SaaS), and beyond that with Business Process as a Service.

Competent System's, with its Cloud offerings, acts as a transformation enabler for its customers by helping them realize value and reap economic benefits. We differentiate ourselves by building intellectual property (IP) in select areas and leveraging internal competencies to build strategic relationship with customers.

Our Cloud Computing Practice provides thought leadership and addresses challenges by companies in the Cloud space. We have a proven track record in delivering application development, maintenance and testing services. With strong partnership with Cloud platform vendors and Cloud package and tool providers, we offer consulting and implementation services in this emerging technology space.

We have a dedicated team that promotes research, development of Cloud adoption methodologies, enhancement of consulting and technical competence for providing best-of- breed services. Our Cloud Computing Practice is spearheaded by a Cloud Steering Council that brings together consultants, architects, developers and sales teams from diverse industry verticals. The Practice also brings the competency teams across the organization, together.

Cloud Development Services :

Our Cloud Development Services include developing new applications for a specific Cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Force.com and also migrating existing customer application to the Cloud. In order to improve the awareness of the Cloud platform, we recommend undertaking proof of concept projects to learn how to set up accounts, acquire compute and storage resources, use tools for development and understand pay-per-use cost models.
We have competency teams with hands-on experience developing and migrating applications for leading Cloud platforms available today. Typically, a Cloud application development exercise involves architecting, designing and coding or implementing the application taking into account all the nuances of Cloud Computing. Similar exercise is performed in developing data and storage services for the Cloud. In addition, we provide a complete range of application testing and deployment, and on-going support services for applications migrated to the Cloud.

These services include:
        Application development for Cloud.
        SaaS application/product development.
        Implementation for third-party SaaS products.
        Testing services.
        Deployment and allied infrastructure services.

Cloud Integration Services:

Most of the customer applications that have the potential to be migrated to the Cloud for cost, scalability and availability considerations are not standalone and, in fact, have interfaces with other applications on-premise at customer location or external applications used by the customer. As Cloud integration is a distributed architecture and has repercussions on system performance, it is essential to design the application architecture properly to minimize real-time data exchange between the Cloud application and customer on-premise applications.
Competent System's has vast experience in managing complex system integration projects for ensuring a smooth migration of the customer applications to the Cloud. Our competency teams understand the capabilities and limitations of the leading cloud platforms and are better equipped to consult and guide customers in design, development and testing of applications deployed on the Cloud.

Our Cloud integration services include:
        On-premise – Cloud integration.
        Hosting enterprise integration tools on cloud.

We have alliances with Cloud platform vendors as well as leading system integration product vendors for ensuring effective utilization of platforms and tools for Cloud integration.

Cloud Infrastructure Services:

Competent System's has highly virtualized utility-based data centers spread across the globe. We have strong partnership with global and regional cloud providers, where our team takes complete ownership of managing the dedicated Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds including end-to-end operations in line with the requirements of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS stacks. As a provider, we can build Proof of Concepts (PoC) for various virtual platforms for our customers on-premises and off-premise at our Global Data Centers (GDCs).

Our Cloud Infrastructure Services include:
Consulting Services:
        Cloud-readiness assessment.
        Enterprise Cloud platform solutions.
        Migration services.

Cloud Services:
        Hosting on the Cloud.
        Monitoring and performance management.
        Vertical solutions.
        IMS solutions.

Private Cloud Infrastructure:
        Partner-enabled Cloud infrastructure platform.
        Infrastructure – CPU, Memory, Storage and Backup.
        Security – Accessible through approved connections only
        Remote monitoring and managing.
        Automation – Dynamic resource allocation using MSPM and MSAP.

Cloud Migration Services:

Most of the IT consumers already have applications and services running in their premises and managed by their staff. To take advantage of the Cloud wave and not lose time in the process, customers intend to reuse their existing applications along with the benefits of Cloud.
Competent System’s systematic approach towards Cloud Migration identifies areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. We bring in intelligent solutions to mitigate risk, maximize performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth.
To support these requirements, we provide migration assessment and planning, which specifically focuses on identifying the best migration strategy and implementation plan for existing on-premise applications to either new cloud frameworks such as Force.com, Azure etc., or to Cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2.

Our Cloud Migration Services include:
        Migration assessment and planning.
        Migrating on-premise applications to Cloud (IaaS, PaaS).
        Creating hybrid clouds: cloud-cloud and cloud-on premise.

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