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Mobile Application Development:

End to End Mobile solutions and application development on a wide variety of platforms including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

IPhone Application Development:

   Apple's iPhone is the most popular smart phone in today's market. Hence, Apple has provided iPhone developers with a exclusive platform for creating mobile applications by release an SDK for the its phone. This has given the developers access to the phone's platform, including the accelometer, calendar, touch interface, etc..

IPhone has gained a very strong position in the high end of the smart phones' market and in spite of the competition iPhone's attractiveness is constantly growing. With the smart phone market overtaking the PC market in just three years of its launch, this device has managed to keep its position in the market for four years since its introduction. As per a market research, Apple had 400,000 applications on 16 January 2011 and the number of applications in the Apple App store is doubling every 6 months. This growth can only be explained by the expanding customer base.

Below are highlight of Competent System's IPhone strengths:

           Highly skilled team of iPhone SDK programmers.
           Expertise in porting an existing application or develop from scratch.
           Experienced team in Game development for iphone 3g, Social networking apps including integrating Face             book and Twitter notifications into custom applications.
           Expertise in developing web services to enable communication between existing web-based backend             applications with front end iphone Applications.
           PS/LBS enabled Apps.
           Sports and tourist information.
           Banking and financial services.

Android Application Development:

   The Android platform is a framework developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. This platform also acts as operating system for mobile devices and provides innumerable of opportunities in Android mobile application development.

Android offers a multitasking environment and organized mobile device core functionality access to developers. Android provides a broad array of possibilities for Android mobile application development. Be it stand alone applications, solutions integrated with enterprise back-end systems, gaming, office related or communications capabilities, Competent System's developers will work to ensure a top-end result. Beyond that, the Android platform provides an interface to the web, that allows applications to insert various online content; which is a very important feature in today's world that is dependent on access to the Internet round the clock.

Android is thought to be one of the most flexible and open platforms in many aspects. Android is also becoming the first choice as a native OS for a variety of tablet computers. We have the necessary Android development expertise in delivering a plethora of applications.

Below are highlight of Competent System's Android strengths:

           Highly skilled team of Android application Development using Java and Android framework.
           Expertise in creating android applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.
           Rich expertise in Google Map Integration, developing social networking based applications, Communication,             MultiMedia, travel Applications, etc.
           Expertise in developing Android Widget , Appwidget , and Product Development Services.
           Android API Customization, Android Consulting Services, Android Support & Maintenance Services.
           Extensive experience on projects ranging from gaming software, organizers, media players, picture editors             to go-cart devices and more.

BlackBerry Application Development:

   RIM's BlackBerry is a wireless mobile device that has been the first choice smart phone by millions of business people around the world. This phone allows the business people to access their e-mails, calendars, corporate data to stay connected to their colleagues, partners and information while away from their working location.

Unlike the common myth, BlackBerry's platform scope goes beyond emails. Solutions on this platform can provide much more in terms of operational service such as Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, order entry, Internet/intranet access, instant messaging and a other tools and applications.

Competent System's experience and knowledge in the BlackBerry application development allows us to deliver timely and cost beneficial applications. Competent Systems creates scalable custom-made applications to meet client's needs - from business applications to entertainment.

Below are highlight of Competent System's Blackberry strengths:

           Team of highly experienced Blackberry developers with average experience over 2+ years.
           Expertise in developing custom applications for Blackberry devices.
           Expertise in Blackberry software QA/testing services.
           Maintenance & software support services for Balckberry.
           Delivering custom BlackBerry software ranging from small standalone applications to larger BlackBerry             solutions integrated with enterprise back-end systems.

Windows Mobile Application Development:

Microsoft's Windows Mobile is a compact operating system for mobile devices such as smart phones, Pocket PCs, and others.

Competent System's vast experience in creating mobile applications gives the right to say that we know and understand a lot about complex environments of mobile devices and are competent enough of developing mobile applications of any level of complexity.

Competent System's skilled and experienced engineers use Microsoft's development tools and will ensure that the developed applications are compatible to all versions of Windows Mobile. Further, the developers have the capability to adapt other smart phone applications to run on your Windows Mobile devices.

Below are highlight of Adeptech System's Windows Mobile strengths:
           Business applications.
           Expense-tracking applications.
           Network applications.
           Database integration applications.
           VOIP applications.
           Data backup/synchronization applications.
           Games and other entertainment applications.

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