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OffSite Development
OnSite Development
OutSource Development

OnSite Development:

   Competent Systems offers 100% onsite services, where we bring our project management team and technological expertise directly to your location. Our onsite development model is flexible to suit to different requirements of clients like augmenting their development or QA teams, forming a new and complete project team, getting architects and designers for a new technology development etc. If required partial or complete projects teams are sent to client's location to develop, release and maintain the product or application.

All the steps of the SDLC are accomplished at the client’s site which includes:

             Project Planning and Project Management.
             Requirement Analysis.
             System Requirement Specifications and finalizing Scope.
             Design and Development.
             Testing and Documentation.
             Delivery and Implementation.
             User Acceptance Testing and Sign-off.
             Support and Maintenance Services.

This approach is ideal for engagements where:

             The scope has not been defined in detail.
             The scope may undergo a number of changes.
             The deliverables or the requirements can change dynamically.
             Timelines are aggressive.
             Information is confidential, proprietary, or the client has other concerns about the security of information.

   Information is confidential, proprietary or the client has other concerns about the security of information. With the onsite Service Model, CSI takes full responsibility for the overall execution and completion of a particular project. By taking service to a higher level, we become a true business partner and a member of your team that can provide the value-added services and technological expertise that meets your needs and expectations. By having a CSI project management team placed on your premises, we can provide the unrivaled personal attention that is needed to develop and implement solutions that can address your companies vision and the various complexities that may exist.

    Call Us Now : 678-691-7120
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Call Us Now : 678-691-7120

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