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JobTitleComputer Systems Analyst
ExpSee reqiurements
JobDesCriptionInstall, configure and maintain open source tools like GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins and Docker; Manage Continuous Integration process and tools for QA, development and production environments on Linux systems; Maintain POC, Pre-production and production environments, Create and monitor Jenkins jobs and pipelines using bash scripts for Android daily builds; Create new projects in GIT/GERRIT environment with an initial configuration; Implement a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins, Git, Gerrit, RTC and Code-collaborator; Set up android development environment for new developers in the team; create and maintain the branching and merging strategies for the project; Work closely with development and operations teams and integrate every new engineering release from Supplier to the existing code base using GIT commands and bash scripts; Troubleshoot Continuous Integration, automated deployment and management using Jenkins, and GIT; Automation of build process in Jenkins using Bash and Python scripts; Install, maintain and run the static code analysis on the code base using Coverity; Documenting all the activities and processes and maintaining them; Work closely with management, operations and development teams to deliver new product features and enhancements to customer; Create Requirements, enhancements, tasks for respective features and track them using RTC for project management and bug tracking; Continuously analyze and improve the processes and tooling supporting CI/CD pipeline; Participate in daily and weekly calls with development teams and customer for bug tracking and new feature updates; Work with AGILE/Scrum software development teams and design sprint and Release plannin
Tools Used:
Android, Linux, GIT, Jenkins, Gerrit, Docker, AWS, MYSQL, Java, C, C++, RTC, Code Collaborator, Artifactory, Android Studio, Coverity, Static Code Analysis, Eclipse, Agile.

REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in Management Information Systems or equivalent and 1 year of experience.
SALARY: $75,000 per year
HOURS: 9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M 40 hours per week
POSITION LOCATION: Competent Systems Inc. 4080 McGinnis Ferry Rd Suite# 1504 Alpharetta GA 30005 USA.
May require travel to various unanticipated client sites nationally.
CONTACT: Human Resources Manager, Competent Systems Inc. (Attn: 151004), 4080 McGinnis Ferry Rd Suite# 1504, Alpharetta GA 30005 USA. Email with “Attn:151004” at the subject line.

LocationAlpharetta GA-30005

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